Male Auditions Song for Musical Theater: Classic Ballads and Up-Tempos


Often people ask us suggestions about the best songs to sing for a Musical Theater Audition.

Here’s a list of “classics” ballads and Up-tempos  for Male Performers.


  1. Maria – West Side Story
  2. Music of The Night – The Phantom Of The Opera
  3. If i Can’t Love Her – Beauty and the beast
  4. Close Every Door – Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcot
  5. Her Voice – The Little Mermaid
  6. Out There – The Hunckback of Notredame
  7. Empty Chairs at Empty Tables – Les Miserables
  8. Those Magic Changes – Grease
  9. On the Street Where You Live – My Fair Lady
  10. Getshemani – Jesus Christ Superstar


  1. Razzle Dazzle – Chicago
  2. Dentist – The Little Shop Of Horrors
  3. Mr. Cellophane – Chicago
  4. The Rum Tum Tagger – Cats
  5. I Can do That – Chorus Line
  6. Suppertime – The Little Shop Of Horrors
  7. Wilkommen – Cabaret
  8. King’s Herod Song – Jesus Christ Superstar
  9. I Wanna Be a Producer – The Producers
  10. Les Poissons – The Little Mermaid



Remember: these songs should be in the repertoire of each performer, but for an audition, being “Classic” songs, they could be a bit over performed…