Happy Halloween and NOVEMBER Competition.


Happy Halloween to all with the Scary Backing tracks from the Addams Family Show!

We’re running a Competition for the month of November.

Send us a youtube link of you, or your school, or you’re theater company, singing a musical song using one of the backing tracks purchased from our studios.

We will judge the best ones and the winner will have for FREE a Custom backing track done ( you will choose freely wich track you want ), yes you’ve read right choose a track NON in our catalogue, we will orchestrate and record for you this track, a value of about 150 euros!

Send by mail your youtube link and write on the description of the youtube video “Backing track produced by www.keyes.it " .

You can use a video shot in the past, or record a brand new video, the only rules is that you use one of the backing track purchased from us.

The entry will be accepted until the 30th of November 2011.

We will judge not only singing skills, but overall performance, and , especially, originality! Surprise us…

Good Luck!